Floral trends 2020

Floral trends 2020

What are the floral trends for 2020? We are going to explain them all in this article.

More and more customers as well as and brands are requesting high-impact scenographies and installations. Everyone is looking for something truly unique to capture those shareable moments on Instagram.

The challenge of this 2020 lies precisely in originality and creativity and this also includes the floral world. The flowers represent a scenographic element that has a strong impact within an event.

Especially in the wedding industry, brides are increasingly looking for more unusual and impactful creations/installations.

Here are 5 of the floral trends that will characterize this 2020:

One of the trends of this 2020 goes towards neutral shades, with soft colors made up of subtle differences in shades.

Floral trends 2020: neutral

Neo-mint is a color that the WGSN trend forecast describes dominated in the interior in 2020 and is described as an “oxygenating and fresh tone“.

Floral trends 2020: Neo-mint

As Chanel said “Simplicity is the key to true elegance.” Whhen it comes to floral arrangements, simplicity remains one of the floral trends of 2020. Statistics show an increasing demand for minimalist and simple flower compositions.

Floral trends 2020: simplicity

Smell is the strongest of the five senses, with the ability to bring back memories and influence our mood and emotions. So one of the floral trends of 2020 lies in the choice of fragrant flowers such as lavender, roses, sweet peas,

Floral trends 2020: fragrances

Among some of the colors that turned out to be popular, we can find neutral tones such as blush pink, lilac, antique pink. Delicate and elegant colors seem to be the most appreciated.

Floral trends 2020: powder

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