CEO & Founder

Nicole Sparvieri, Founder and Creative Director of Nicole Sparvieri Luxury Experiences, graduated in Marketing and earned a Master in Events Management at the Event Academy in London.

Born in Rome, but citizen of the world, she spent most of her life travelling and living in between different countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

In London, she worked for one of the most famous event companies in the world, Quintessentially, where she held the role of Events Coordinator.

Her passion, determination and enthusiasm for the event industry allowed her to start her own business, and fulfill her biggest dream. During her career she had the opportunity to plan events for some of the world’s best-known brands, allowing her to grow in the industry.

Nicole Sparvieri believes that passion and creativity have the unique power to create lasting emotions during events. Travelling is one of her greatest passions as it represents a source of great inspiration for her job.

Open-minded and curious about the world, Nicole Sparvieri combines high standards of excellence with creative ideas picked all around the globe.
Each event she designs is a captivating experience, where all the senses are harmoniously involved: lights, sounds, fragrances, colors and shapes.

At Nicole Sparvieri we plan, design and produce legendary events for the most demanding audience. From small parties to corporate events, we know how to make your vision real. 


Our young and international team, is composed of innovators, with a cutting-edge approach to events, with a background in marketing and communication. 

An entire staff trained to satisfy every request with the highest quality standards is always available to the client at every stage of the event.

From memorable events to ad hoc business services, we know how to bring your vision to life.