Wedding trends in 2021

Wedding trends in 2021

This year we faced and still facing one of the biggest challenges in history and the wedding industry has been one of the most affected sectors.  

Thanks to postponed dates from this year, 2021 will be the year for weddings. Without question, the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020

Looking for something totally fresh that will bring your big day to the next level? Here are some of the biggest wedding trends to embrace for 2021.



Intimate weddings are weddings with no more than 30 guests and we’ll see more and more of these intimate ceremonies in 2021. Today couples opt for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. 

Lockdown has been a period of reflection for many about what’s truly important, and who they really want by their side on their special day.  

One of the good aspects of having an intimate wedding is having the chance to host all your guests in one specific hotel or location. For instance, many luxury boutique hotels or locations have only 30 rooms, therefore you will have to book more hotels for your guests, plus arranging transfer etc.

Moreover having smaller guest numbers will mean couples will have more budget for stationery, jewellery, catering and decorations that are ethical and sustainable.


Couples are increasingly putting sustainability as a top priority for their wedding day and 2021 will continue to see a big growth in this. 

Sustainable weddings are gaining popularity as green brides and grooms opt for environmentally friendly options for their wedding days. There are many ways that you can introduce sustainability into your big day, such as creating reception signs on old mirrors, doors or frames, considering a digital invite instead of the traditional option, going plastic-free and so many others. 

Food also plays a role in this context as you can source your wine and beer from local breweries and wineries and offer vegan or vegetarian options on your menu.

The venue also plays its part as you can opt for  a venue with a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t require lavish decoration that will end up in landfill.


The ambience and mood of your venue are essential for creating an unforgettable wedding experience for your guests. Mood-setting fairy lights have become indispensable elements of every celebration these days. But to truly set the mood, consider creating a positive and fun atmosphere for your guests. Think about engaging the five senses!

Lighting is also essential as well as immersive entertainment.  What about having a sax player wandering among guests? Interactive food or cocktail stations? Lots of different fragrances to smell?  


2021 weddings will be much more about experiences. That means couples will focus much more on entertainment.  

Consider a cool cocktail service instead of a standard bar, and engaging entertainment such as comedians, illusionists, actors performing among guests.  

Think about interactive entertainment, which means that guests will become an integral part of your wedding. In fact, we are moving from passive (where guests would sit down and enjoy a show) to active entertainment (a new form of entertainment where guests would actually do something, that they will remember even after your wedding day) 

Palm and tarot readers have boomed in popularity as weddings, as well as interactive experiences like street artists to sketch your guests, illusionists, special effects, technology and more.

A WOW photo booth corner, an illustrator that makes live portraits,  fortune teller , a flower bar, a corner of real tattoos, a corner to create personalized scented water, and so on. Think about your wedding mood, what fits best into that day, and what your guests might like

Think about the open bar, the most appreciated experiences: do it with special cocktails, created for your guests,  with a spectacular  show while serving the drinks. Your guests will simply love it! 

Tip: You know better than anyone else your guests, so keep your guests in mind while planning the entertainment for your wedding.  


Pastels are going to be huge and replace the traditional blush and ivory palette. Pastel shades have the ability to deliver calm and relaxed yet personal wedding vibes. Consider pastel pink, yellow and peach tulips and sweet peas. Don’t forget to always add your personal touch! 


2021 weddings are going to focus more on the experiences of friends and family. Make sure you welcome your guests with personalized gifts and a warm staff. 

You want your guests to live a relaxed and fun experience, so make sure to consider elements such as, weather, distances, local suggestions and so on. 


2021 wedding flowers will be more seasonal and natural in their designs. Because of the Lockdown many people found salvation in the outdoors and nature and this will be reflected in the designs for their weddings. 

Go big on scents too – this is going to be a big wedding trend that you’ll smell more of in the coming year. 

Think about different ways that flowers can add a pop of colour to other parts of the day. 

Fresh and wild flowers will be the main protagonists, as well as an abundance of flowers and foliage with a real desire to bring the outside in. 


Volume is going to be a big one too. A stunning voluminous wedding dress will give emphasis and importance to the bride, the main protagonist of the day. 

Because they give that touch of seduction and a different air to any dress, there will be a greater emphasis on designs that feature different backs or even completely open backs  – something that almost every bride loves!

If you really want to have the princess  look, we highly recommend this style! 



Cake still remains the main protagonist of the party,  but creative dessert options have become more and more popular as they provide a fun an unconventional alternative. You can opt for original cheese towers or go for colorful cake pops, doughnut boards and macarons sculptures. Never stop being creative also when planning your dessert table. 

Another idea that will add an original touch to your dessert buffet is the inclusion of a candy bar. Get creative with colors and flavors to add a greater visual impact

You can even design an interactive dessert station where a chef would make the dessert live in front of your guests. They will simply love it! 

A creative, interactive and unconventional culinary journey will provide you and your guests with a truly memorable experience.


Lighting is one of the most important elements that will create the right mood and atmosphere to your special day. The light will contribute to create emotions,  and will be the frame of your evening also in all the photos and videos.  

Candles, suspended chandeliersabatjours, and cascades of lights

. There are endless possibilities!

To help you design the right lighting,  think about the atmosphere you’d like to create and make a site inspection with a professional service.

Although trends are popular, make sure you do things your way. Trends are great for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you do things how you always dreamed of. 


While planning your wedding, remember to stay true to what you and your fiance envision and want for your wedding. Make your wedding personalized and curated, and count on us for making it even more special. 

Let us help you turn your wedding day into the day that you want to remember, forever and always.
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