12 Fun wedding activities to plan for your guests 

A fun-filled weekend of festivities!

A destination wedding in Italy allows you to take a sort of “family vacation” surrounded by your dearest loved ones. What better occasion than to offer your guests original activities in the days before and after your wedding?

Your guests come from halfway across the world to join you in celebrating your union, so to show them your appreciation, you can plan some fun activities with an Italian twist.

Scheduled activities are a great way to showcase the destination the couple has chosen.

In this article, we will inspire you with some ideas for your wedding weekend in Italy, so your guests are guaranteed a memorable experience during their stay in Italy. Read on for 12 unique activity ideas to include in your wedding weekend as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pre-wedding activities for guests.



When planning your destination wedding in Italy, why not throw an after-wedding pool party? Imagine throwing a casual pool party and have fun with your loved ones in a vibrant atmosphere under the Italian sun. Lounging by the pool, sunbathing on a floaty, drinking beers, munching on salty snacks, no pressure. Just relaxing all afternoon in a beautiful pool. Blow up a few fun pool floats, set up a bar, and hire a great DJ. Your guests are going to love it!



Nothing is better than a pizza party to introduce your guests to the culinary traditions of Italy. With the help of a professional “Pizzaiolo”, or pizza maker, everyone can get involved. Your wedding weekend can begin with a casual Welcome Pizza Party in a relaxed location. I can’t imagine a warmer, more entertaining way to welcome your guests.



Post-wedding brunches tend to be more popular for weddings where most of the guests are out-of-town or with destination weddings. Hosting an after-wedding brunch is a great way for couples to extend the celebration and spend extra time with guests before they head home. Luckily, the etiquette for a post-wedding brunch is a bit more relaxed. You have the creative freedom to play with everything, including menu, the post-wedding brunch invitations, and dress code.



A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of its famous wines. The Tuscany region, for example, is very popular for Italian wines and happens to be one of Italy’s biggest producers of wine, so if you are getting married around here, don’t miss the chance of tasting some Tuscan wines. Some of the country’s most famous wines come from Tuscany, including Montepulciano and Chianti. Wine tastings often include tasting sample local meats, cheeses, oils, and olives, as the Italians rarely serve a drink without a snack 😉 If you are a food and wine lover, visiting a wine cellar in the Tuscan countryside is a must-see attraction! We can book everything for you to enjoy a vespa chianti tour that includes several stops by the best vineyards for a wine-tasting experience.



What better place to learn how to cook than Italy? Involve your guests in a cooking class with a professional chef. The thing about this cooking class? At the end of the course, the guests will taste the dishes cooked by them. Will they be able to pass the test? Remember that cooking for Italians is serious business. Schedule a cooking class that celebrates local flavors and unique traditions (like pasta in Italy).



Whether you choose to get married in Sicily, Puglia, the Amalfi Coast or Lake Como, the boat ride is something not to be missed. Enjoy the Italian sunset aboard a boat with your closest loved ones. Often the boat tours that we have organized have turned into real cool parties!



Another interesting idea for your wedding weekend could be hosting a beach party, serving rose and Aperol spritzes. Imagine a beach with crystal clear water, a sunset, nice music, and a cocktail in hand. To make the occasion even more special, you can also think of giving a dress code, for example organizing a “White Party on the Beach.” Even for photos it will be nice to see all your guests barefoot on the sand, dressed in white.



Italy is a country that always surprises. It is a country of art, culture, and history. If you get married in Rome you cannot miss the Vatican museums, the Colosseum, Raphael’s rooms, St. Peter’s Basilica, and much more. Rome is also called “an open-air museum.”



In Italy you can’t get bored, there are ideas and attractions for everyone. For sports and nature lovers, Italy offers many outdoor initiatives, such as trekking, bike hiking, golf, and tennis. Many locations have internal paths where you can take long walks, swimming pools, gyms, and tennis courts.

We once organized a poolside Yoga class at a “Masseria” in Puglia. Guests have loved this experience!



Enjoy the feeling of pure freedom while cruising through the Italian landscapes on an authentic Vespa during one of your multi-day trips in Tuscany, or Amalfi. Drive along beautiful historical cities and vineyards in Tuscany or let the Amalfi Coast wow you with its iconic roads along the rocky coastline. Every day, you’ll drive from one place to the next on our predefined routes, stopping along the way wherever you like to discover the beauty these sunny regions have to offer.



Experience the magic of time in the parallel dimension of relaxation. Discover the enchantment of spas, thermal centers, and charming hotels that combine the charm of wonderful landscapes with body care and lies. Many of the venues we work with have an internal spa. This is the perfect opportunity to treat your guests like real VIPs.



For those who want to spend a relaxing afternoon surrounded by nature, a horse ride is what you need. Take a break and enjoy a horseback riding excursion. It’s an unforgettable experience to discover the landscapes of the countryside just outside Rome. Escorted by an expert tour guide, which will share your passion for horses, nature, and history, following the most ancient roman roads, you will enjoy the beauty and variety of the archaeological sites and the natural scenery.

Did you like these ideas? Imagine how many other ideas we could give you for your unforgettable wedding weekend. In need of further advice or inspiration? Follow up on Instagram or reach out to us!