Winter wonderland wedding: 6 awesome advantages to having a winter wedding

Winter wonderland wedding: 6 awesome advantages to having a winter wedding

Cozy fireplaces, magical atmosphere, mugs filled with hot chocolate, and white snow. Many couples say that winter’s the most wonderful time of the year and, if you agree, it may be the wedding season for you.

In this guide, you’ll find a lot of inspiration and reasons why getting married during the winter months can be the perfect choice for your special day.

Because the winter months are less busy than the summer months, you’ll be able to focus more attention on your big day.

Read on to discover more about this amazing wedding season, you’ll find out many aspects that you might not have considered in the past.


When it comes to weather, you can always add layers to combat the cold, but in the hotter months, you can’t exactly solve the problem that easily.

Summer in Italy can be very tough. Temperatures often reach 40 degrees Celsius and some people seriously don’t deal well in the heat. Hot weather can make people irritated, nervous, and less patient.

Your guests will not be the only ones to feel less performing. In fact, warm weather makes it harder for suppliers to concentrate and be focused on 100%. That doesn’t mean that vendors working for summer weddings do not work well, they simply need more energy to be focused on what they’re doing.

Nobody will have to stand around waiting in the hot sun, getting all sweaty and girls won’t have to worry about makeup melting off their faces.

If you’re marrying in winter, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, sun or whether it’s going to be cold. You will have a perfect indoor wedding and there will be less uncertainty with it.

Also, everyone knows it’s going to be cold and so everyone’s prepared for it, whereas if you marry in the summer, guests have to figure out numerous weather possibilities. It’s also refreshing for guests to attend a wedding outside the typical wedding season.

In other words, if hot weather makes you sweaty and stressed, then a winter wedding is the perfect option for you.



Nothing feels so dreamy like a fresh snowfall to amplify your already-perfect day. Have you ever noticed how Christmas time gets everyone in a joyful mood? People seem to be warmer and more welcoming during this specific time of the year.

There’s a certain magic to a wedding surrounded by snow. And don’t forget the cozy winter accessories you can wear to complete your look.

You can also be more creative during this season by adding more twinkling fairy lights, using candles to light up walkways.



During the winter months, venues have fewer bookings, so it’s easier for you to find the date that suits your needs. For example, you’ll find it much easier to get your dream Saturday date in Winter. Plus, it’s even easier to book your venue if you decide to get married mid-week. 

With indoor ceremonies, you can always get more creative. For example, you can always bring the outdoors, indoor. You also have the opportunity to decorate the venue without worrying about rain ruining your wedding decor.



A very important aspect to consider is that most venues and vendors book up quickly during the summer. On the other hand, you may get your first-pick vendors available for a lower prince during the colder months.

Winter is a less busy season for weddings, which means you are more likely to get more care and attention from your vendors.

During summer seasons, wedding planners and vendors are used to work several days in a row. Since during winter times there are fewer weddings, they will be less stressed because they won’t be thinking about what to do the next day. In other words, suppliers will be more flexible and less stressed out.


During summer, which is considered as “wedding season” everyone is tying the knot.

Think out -of -the box and instead of being just one of many weddings your guests will be attending during the season, stand out from the crowd with a February or March celebration.

Your wedding will naturally have a different style and feel different, thanks to colder temperatures and different seasonal flowers, so there’s less of a chance your reception will look exactly like everyone else’s.

Your guests also won’t be suffering from “wedding fatigue” and will be thrilled to have a fun party to look forward to.


Winter is a wonderful time of the year for photography. Winter weddings can feature some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll see all year. For example, the golden hour can be breath-taking in the winter. 

Also, you do need to take into consideration that even in the summer, you’re not guaranteed great weather. A bright winter day is better for your photographer than a summer day.

 If fireplaces,  magical and warm atmosphere, candles, and dimmed lights are all you’ve dreamed about since you first got that ring on your finger, a winter wedding is the best decision you could ever make.


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